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Rokhshad Nourdeh
Rokhshad Nourdeh was born in Iran in 1963. She spent her teenage years in Tehran in a middle-class family during the revolution and the war, until the age of 20. After universities were shut down during the "cultural" revolution, she had to leave her country in autumn 1983. She went to Paris, which became her second home, to study fine arts.

Since her graduation from the Beaux-Arts of Paris in 1986, she has continued during the last ten years to research at the Sorbonne University. Her Master's thesis has been supported by the Director of the fine arts department of the Sorbonne and will soon be published.

Rokhshad N. has received many awards by different organisations and institutions. Her art work has been purchased and supported by the French Ministry of culture, the FNAC, the Cultural Affairs of the City of Paris, and other French cities for their museums and exhibition halls of contemporary arts.
Her art work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Europe. In the last few years she performed four solo shows at New York City, where she has, since then felt her self very much "at home"…

Both Persian and French, with her Canadian and American family and relatives Rokhshad feels she belongs to at least the three continents: Asia, Europe and America…
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