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DID Association loi de 1901

In a world torn between globalisation and closed communities, we, artists, have decided to confront the challenge and “live and create together”.

D.I.D* was founded by Persian artists in Paris and initially aimed at collaborations with Iran and Diaspora-based artists. The Organization has now opened its activities to Artists from different horizons and cultures in order to promote dialogue and exchange. DID creates cultural manifestations around artists from different geographies and cultures experiencing political and social upheavals.

 We need to find each other in order to develop a common vision of our situations. How can we assist one another to analyse in a just way our place in the international artistic scene? How can we make our artistic creation be acknowledged within the present Western discourse on Contemporary art? Is the present Western vision of Eastern/Southern Contemporary Art not marked by stereotypes which caricaturizes the Other?

 DID aims at promoting the word of the artist whose discourse goes unrecognised.

 *DID is a not-for-profit Art and Culture Organisation. In Persian, DID means at the same time: view, point of view and vision. In Ancient Greek it means pedagogy as in the prefix of the word “didaskalia”.


 International artistic creation: cultural exchange and manifestations
Contemporary artistic production in Iran including:

    - Birth of modern photography

- New media - Installation and creation in space and its evolution

- Body, emotion and concept

- Feminine creation, women as creators of the male vision

  • Manifestations dedicated to encounters with:

- Established artists and those to be discovered

Actors from the Art scene (institutional, commissaries…)

DID Association loi de 1901
Présidente : ROKHSHAD NOURDEH - Secrétaire : Anne Lise FRACHIEMI - Membre Honoraire : JM VIOTTI - Membres actifs